SafeSocial is an Instagram and Facebook monitoring tool that allows you to discreetly monitor your kids' online activities in real time.

Are you concerned about social media dangers? Want to prevent cyber bullying? Would you like to monitor what your kids post and share on social networks, but don’t want to embarrass them by becoming their “friend” or “follower”?

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To sign up for SafeSocial, fill in your Name and E-mail address (where you would like notifications and alerts sent) and your child's E-mail address - try it free for the first 30 days!

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Parent Sign Up

Provide your email address and your child's email address.


Children Opt-In

We email your child a request to allow you to monitor their Facebook / Instagram accounts.


Get Updates

Once accepted, you will receive updates whenever there is activity on your child's social networks.


SafeSocial is a service which proactively gives parents better insight into what their children are doing on social networks, and gives kids an additional layer of protection while they are online.

Sadly, cyber bullying has become a front-page news item these days. SafeSocial helps protect kids online by providing adult supervision of kids' social media activities.

What are the main features of SafeSocial?

Real Time Updates

Messages can be sent in real-time, as they happen, or on a regular schedule several times a day.

Flag Inappropriate Content

Posts are scanned for inappropriate language (profanity, sexual content, etc...). Posts that contain photos are also scanned for nudity and flagged if they seem worthy of additional scrutiny.

Passive Monitoring

There is no need to actively go to the social networks' web site and look for the child’s activity – everything is proactively sent to the parent/guardian.

Affordable solution

For just $3.95 a month monitor an unlimited number of children on multiple social networks. Try it for 30 days free.

Social accounts not required

The parent or guardian does not need to be the child’s “Friend” on Facebook, or follow him on Instagram and does not even need a Facebook or Instagram account of his/her own.

We don't need passwords

Neither we nor the parent need to know the child’s social network account password.

No data mining

We do not store any personal information or activity details in our application – we just notify the parent/guardian of the activities via e-mail.


The program works with complete knowledge and cooperation of the child – there is no ‘big brother’ type spying going on without their knowledge.

Multiple accounts

An unlimited number of child accounts can be supervised from a single parent/guardian account.

Simple signup

Just provide parent/guardian name and e-mail, as well as the child’s email, and you are set.

Supported Social Networks

Monitor kids' activities on Facebook and Instagram, with support for others to follow soon.

What does a typical message look like? A typical alert message will be sent to the parent/guardian's e-mail, and will be similar to this:

How to Register

To get started - simply fill in the form above - (provide your e-mail where you would like to get alerts sent, and the child's e-mail) and choose a password.

The child will get an e-mail asking him/her to install our app (please make sure they do so).

The app installation is a simple two- click process. Once completed our service will start sending you notifications about your child's social network activities:

  • What they wrote on other people's pages
  • What other people write about them
  • Places the child "checked in" using their mobile device
  • Photos the child uploaded or commented on
  • People they are following or become friends with